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Links on interesting sites sites about interesting object Sedlo - N-S71 - It is object of the First Republic fortification which was rebuild as telecommunation point for Ministry of Interior units in era Cold war. (Czech) sites about Czechoslovak fotification. (Czech)
Bielsko-biala information about Polish fortification of Bielsko - Biala. (Polish) sites focused on Light Fort (development, history, present day, reconstruction...). (English) sites about standalone artillery observation of fortress Hůrka K-S12b "Utržený". (Czech) infantry casemate N-S82 "Březinka" near to Náchod. (English) infantry casemate K-S8 "U nádraží". (Czech) basic infromation about infantry casemate MO-S15. (Czech) sites of KVH (military history club) "Hraničářský pluk 4" and "Signál" who reconstructs object MO-S24 "Signál". (Czech)
Bunkříky s obdivem a láskou sites about fortification from woman's point of view. (Czech) official sites about town of Bohumín (English)
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