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Object is opened in these following days: 22. 04.   27. 04.   28. 04.

News on web sites of MO-S5 'Na trati' museum

We are looking for new members of our guild. If you are interested, then contact is here

MO-S5 na trati, bunkr bohumín 24.03.2018
   Dear visitors,
the bunker will open soon for your curious eyes. First time in this season: Friday 30.3.2018 from 14:00. The begining of the guided tour is traditionally each whole hour (last tour begins at 17:00).

We prepared some news for you again. For example a faithful replica of the cannon's breech. New exhibition room with postcards, books, magnetic cards and a lot of other things to buy. For our little visitors (up to 15 years old) we have new child tickets.

Most of news you can see on TIK Bohumin. Direct link here (in Czech)

For those who like instagram we have new account

   In section Articles you can find info about grant program from Moravian-Silesian Region for year 2017.
Under name "Grant program of the Moravian-Silesian Region 2017 (Czech)" or PDF version (Czech)

   We have for you new magnets. You can buy them on the end of sightseeing tour.

Magnets right side
Magnets canon
Magnets machine guns

Průvodce Samostatný pěchotní srub MO-S 5 Na trati
   Dear visitors and fans of fortification. We prepared new book for you. Book is nicely ilustrated. You can buy it from now on our fortificatioin.

   For the season 2017 we have prepared several innovations to the exhibition, such as a newly equipped shooting room for solo heavy machine guns and their carriages that you will not see anywhere else!

Next we added to our sites information about upcomming sightseeing tour date. See top of these news.

We look forward to meet you!


   Dear visitors of museum MO S-5 Na trati. We ask you to follow the visiting rules:

Thank you very much for its compliance and wish you nice museum sightseeing tour.

   We have for you new magnets. You can buy them on the end of sightseeing tour.

Magnets right side
Magnets left side
Magnets logo


80th anniversary of the completion of concreting

Soon an extraordinary day on the object MO S-5 Na trati.

The event will be held 30.7.2016

The event will have evening guided tour from 20:00 to midnight.
Projecting of history reconstruction.

Further details will come soon.
We look forward to you.

   Dear visitors, we improved our entry hours.

14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00 (last sightseeing)

Please be there on time.

Thank you.

18.02.2016    It is some time that we didn't post here. So in these days you can check new photos form last year! Year 2015
We look forward to meet you on fortification as we have a lot of news. Details will follow soon! ;)

31.12.2014  - 
We wish you all best to New Year and also a lot of health.

   The last season was beautiful. We were able to prepare a lot of news for You, for example new furniture made according to original plans - beds, tables, pews and footstools. For the next season we also prepares some news, but those we will publish later ;)...

   Above all, we want to thank everyone for their interest in the First Republic fortifications, because this year we were visited by 1152 people (those who paid the ticket - adoults + groups). And aslo visitors turnout of our internet presentations grows, for which you are grateful.

   Thank you and happy to see you again.
   Team KVH Bohumín

11.08.2014  -  After a longer time we come to you with some news.
  • We were extended our photogalery with some new photos. You can check it here
  • Next news is that we have new fortification's furniture made by original plans. (You can also take a look here).

Photo Fortification's furniture - officer's room
Tourist sticker
Photo Masking painting on MO-S5 - right side

  • Probably the biggest news is new masking painting on the right side of the fortification!
  • For those who love to collect things we have newly tourist sticker

06.04.2014  -  Welcome in new season 2014.
We have prepared some news for you. Some of them you can see in our Photogalery
You can track us on facebook

31.12.2013  - 
We wish you a lot of luck, health and success in



09.11.2013  -  Thank you for comming in this season. We are glad that you visited us and we will be happy when you will wisit us next season too.
In season 2013 we had 578 visitors. For next season we are preparing a lot of news. Some of them will be published here and also on our facebook site.

03.07.2013  -  On 24th August is planned action FAJNE LÉTO in range of project TECHNOTRASA. The entrace fee to the object is set on 30 CZK during this action. Infront of the object there will stay armed vehichles and other things related to the army. For children there is planned some games. Map with parking places will come soon.

29.04.2013  -  In section 'Articles' you can find new list of FAJNE LÉTO action for 2013.

11.04.2013  -  Friendly organization Kopytov firemans is organizing a benefit concert Bohumín town. Come to support them. More info about this action here

6.04.2013  -  In the first opening day (1st April - Easter Monday) 8 people comes to visit us. Even there was plenty of snow.

30.01.2013  -  Welcome in new year
We have new photogalery. We belive you will enjoy it :)

06.01.2013  -  This year we start turistic season on Monday 1st April
In Object MOS-5 Na Trati awaits many new things on you.

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